my name is Tom Guarino and I am a guitarist, composer, songwriter and singer living and performing in the greater Akron/Cleveland, Ohio area. I am currently performing

in various clubs and restaurants in the region. I play a variety of guitar styles including classical, rock, folk and blues. My musical aspirations are to continue collaborating with performers, music and dance ensembles, and film makers who would like to perform or adopt my music and or guitar playing into their professional endeavors. I am originally from Akron where I started several bands that performed throughout the region. After completing an undergraduate degree in music from The University of Akron, I moved to New York City where I worked in the music industry as an audio engineer at SIR Studios for 11 years; working with some of the biggest names and talent. While living in New York, I continued songwriting, recording and performing in the vibrant music scene. While there I completed a self produced CD of original music titled "Lost Souls." My recording feature some amazing musicians including: Erik Diaz-Drums, Fabrice Francese,-Bass, and Pam "Angel" West-backing vocals.  Link to CD:  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tomguarino; or contact me directly    for a copy.                                                                                                                                                In 2008 I returned to my hometown of Akron and continued performing in a variety of performance venues, various private and special events such as First Night Akron. 

     In 2010 I entered graduate school at the University of Akron School Music majoring  in Composition and Theory. I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UA for three years where I taught and tutored undergraduate and graduate students in music theory under the consultation of Dr. James Wilding. I also served with Dr. Nikola Resanovic as lab assistant in the Electronic Music (Recording) Studio where I taught students recording techniques and guided them through their recording projects.

I was involved in many performances at UA including recitals of my original music

for a variety of classical ensembles. I collaborated with the UA Dance Department who choreographed dance for several of my guitar pieces. I collaborated and accompanied several graduate level vocalists for chamber music recitals on classical guitar under

the direction of Prof. Stephen Aron. I also performed in the UA Men's Vocal Choir.

     After graduating in 2015, I continued graduate studies at UA in advanced music theory,  with Dr. Nikola Resanovic and DAW recording and video technologies with Douglas Hicks. I also continued guitar, piano and vocal lessons.   
      I have composed for a variety  of solo instruments, including guitar and piano, chamber ensembles including woodwind trios, string quartets, brass quintets, mixed ensembles, as well as orchestra. I also taught many students privately for guitar and music theory while at UA.  

      Please let me know if you are interested booking me for a performance (public

or private); if you have an interest performing any of my work; or would like to commission me to compose music for your project such as commercials or film.         

     In the meantime, please enjoy these audio and video samples of my music, performed by me and some of the many amazing musicians I have been fortunate

to work with included on this website! 
    Thank you for your time and interest! Tom Guarino
    Contact Information:
    Cell: 330-696-8860

    Email: tguarino1@aol.com

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.guarino.50

Samson’s Wagon Will Roll: original song c.2003. *Note--self produced video for graduate school project 

  • Stray Cat Strut 2:42

Working in The University of Akron's Electronic Music Lab/Studio, 2015

  • Country Roads2:43

  • Woodwind Quintet No. 19:22

Note: Original music near the top of this page and "Cover" song examples located near the bottom; please scroll down!

  • Devoted (In memory of my mother, Darla Jean)3:16

  • Lost Souls4:19

  • Endless, for Solo Guitar3:40
  • Endless, for solo guitar3:17
  • Endless, for solo guitar3:17

Having fun conducting the UA Orchestra for class...

Dvorak's 8th Symphony--1st Movement. An amazing piece

Country Roads: John Denver

Performing at First Night Akron, 2010

                   Samson’s Wagon Will Roll
                About a half past a whisky and a bottle of beer
                riding great expectations into deep despair,
                a young man Samson boldly heading again
                to a dingy little joint they call the ‘Lion’s Den’
                Well he ain’t got a prayer but you better believe
                he’ll be the first one to order and the last to leave
                    Tonight, Samson’s wagon will roll
                    Samson’s wagon will roll          
                Well, up at the bar where the experts are
                there’s such a wide variation near the register
                See the little pink squirrel with a tonic & gin
                Mr. Aperitif flirts the cosmopolitan
                There’s a thirty year old whisky and he’s right
                on time...
                ...to buy a girl a red rose and a glass a wine
                   Then, Samson walks in ready to roll
                   Yeah, Samson’s ready to roll
                   …watch him roll
                 Well, Samson antes up as he greets the pool
                Before you know it he’s deep into a cock-eyed

                He’s buying every round for every cap & crown
                He’s really making friends quick as they toss ‘em

                His eight ball combination break phenomenon
                cues the coming of Delilah with the red dress on
                    Samson knows he’s starting to roll
                    and Delilah takes notice too!
                    Samson’s starting to roll
                She can be underestimated--there’s some mileage
                Without the make-up and the whiskey she is
                pretty austere
                But the heads are turning now as she parts the

                Mr. Samson moves in for his chance to score
                  “Forgive for I must sin,” his best pick up line
                Well, hook, line, and sinker as the two combine
                       Samson and Delilah will roll…yeah!
                       Samson and Delilah will roll
                  Slow dancing by the jukebox,
                  making out just down the hall
                  Then their soon caught fornicating inside the
                  ladies bathroom stall
                  Her third ex-husband then arrives and rocks
                  Samson in his jaw
                  He ends up face down on the ground
                  …the bartender shouts, “Last call!
                  Then the whole place commensurate's into an
                  old fashioned bar room brawl
                    ...Samson’s awakened on the floor…
                  Ms. Delilah ain’t there anymore
                  So, he stumbles outside to find his home
                  With the rain pouring outside sobering up    
                  his mind
                   But you know tomorrow…
                   ...Samson’s wagon will roll…(repeat)
                    ‘Better tell the Gidgeons too’
                    ‘Bet tomorrow he’s gonna feel it too’
                    ‘Go and tell Auntie Gin…
                     and the Reverend Sullivan’
                            Written by: Thomas Guarino   

                                       All Rights Reserved

  • Pride and Joy3:20

  • Siciliano (for Angelo Guarino)3:30

  • Long Train Running2:42

​​​Video: Tom's Motives- 1st Movement: original composition for Piano Quintet. c.2011 *Note--self produced video for graduate school project 

God's Summer Home! Dusty Star and Citadel Mountains, Glacier Nat. Park Montana. Photo taken 2013 on one of my cross-country solo excursions!

Welcome to My Website!

2012 Rehearsal of my composition for mixed ensemble:Tom's Motives.       This is a three movement work for mixed quintet consisting of piano, marimba/vibes, upright bass, alto and tenor saxophone. Live performance 

at the University of Akron, Guzzetta Recital Hall: Piano: Megan  Denman, Percussion: Alex Fragiskatos, Alto Sax: Nathan Davis, Tenor sax: Chris Coles, Upright bass: Mike Forfia

Working at SIR Studios NYC W. 25th St., 2008

Astoria Queens, NY...my old neighborhood/The Triborough & Hells-Gate Bridges span over The East River...photo taken from N Train subway platform circa 2007

​​Song for the Children:

    original song, c.1998

I produced this video for my family's Guarino Olive Oil and Wines grown and produced in Sicily and sold in the USA! My original guitar music in background.

  • Hard Times3:17

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, ​​​​Composer

 Song for the Children: (lyrics) 

Winter's gone some say it lasted too long

Avalanche memories and song

I heard about the children in Columbine

God rest their souls...

Kosovo Hundreds of thousands of people

without a shelter or home

What about their children?

Bombs and starvation have taken it's toll

Wasn't there a time, when you were and orphan? Wasn't there a time when you had to flee?

We have to help our children...                                       ...now wouldn't you agree?

We can put a man on Mars

and we know of millions of billions of stars

And God-like we're cloning So, what's so hard, bringing peace between people?

This whole world is our home

Wasn't there a time, when you were and orphan? Wasn't there a time when you had to flee?

We have to help our children...                               ...now wouldn't you agree?

Summer's gone... (and so are the children...)

didn't seem to last too long (and all of the places...) now that our children have grown (we called our home for so long)

to carry out the wars we have sewn (maybe the heavens' can save us?)

In a world growing out of control!

Wasn't there a time, when you were and orphan? Wasn't there a time when you had to flee?

We have to help our children... learn to help each other

We have to help our children... learn to help each,...help each other

We have to help our children help each other

Help your sister and your father and you mother and your brother...

...help each other

                Lyrics and music by Tom Guarino                                          All rights reserved

  • Joe & Mary (Wedding Song for Rob & Annette)4:47

  • Confetti5:38

  • Treetop Flyer5:03

  • Jackie's Gettin' Out Tonight2:42

  • Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard2:49

Live performance of my song "Lost Souls" Dec. 23rd, 2006 at the Barking Spider; Cleveland, OH.

           Jackie's Getting Out Tonight
           Cool cats play with their kittens every               
           Saturday night
           dancing and romancing 'til the morning light
           R&B is blasting on the radio
           from every kid from Cleveland to Ontario
           Jackie hits the streets not only looking for      
           She don't care who she beats or who she has  
           to shove
           Ain't a damn thing that her folks can do
           because....Jackie's getting out tonight!

           She stole her daddy's keys 'bout a quarter to               nine
           He was sound asleep from drinking too much 

           She opened up his Cadillac all the way to the              floor
           Had the transmission shaken like the night     
           She lost them cops from Cleveland-- they 
           were baring down
           Then checks her animated make-up and her 
           see through gown
           Ain't a damn thing that the law can do...
           Little Jackie's getting out tonight!
          She's all about business when it comes to men
          She don't take corner boys or her next of kin
          She likes them long and lean, packing lots of  
          I wouldn't mess with her mister, she can sure 
          get mean
         Jackie's getting out tonight, Jackie's getting                 out tonight
         She's got the whole damn town uptight
         Jackie's getting out tonight
         The alley cats are crying, like they always do
         Her little sister, Janey's almost 18 too
         She'll be taking her place in a week or two...
         Little Jackie's getting out tonight!
         She picked a Puerto Rican millionaire who

         sure could dance
         Next day he woke up on the beach without his           pants!
         Seems he lost his wallet, his Rolex watch,
         the keys to his Porsche and a flask of scotch
         Jackie's on her way to bright L.A.
         The local police ain't wiping any tears away
         Her folks can't help but wonder what the  
         neighbors will say...
         Little Jackie's getting out tonight
                   Written by: Thomas Guarino
                        All Rights Reserved

  • Danza por Lauro (for guitar)3:04

"Lost Souls" album cover 2007, SIR Studios, NYC

  • Symphonic Poem (for Orchestra) 11:55

  • Samson's Wagon Will Roll4:37

Playing at CBGB's NYC circa 2003

  • Tom performing Prelude (for Olga) by Jorge Moral2:47

  • It's Hard to be a Saint in the City3:14

Examples below of some of my cover music and instrumental pieces for live performing:

  • Vals Venezolano No. 2 1:06

  ​​Thomas Guarino 

NYC at SIR Studios circa 2004 with The Boss!

Sunset on Polymer Sculpture: view from Guzzetta Hall (Univ. of Akron Music Dept). Polymer Science Bldg. to the left-- Nov. 2013. Photo by Tom Guarino

​​Video: Song for the Children*Note--self produced  for graduate school project 

​​​​Performing Jackie's Gettin' Out Tonight at Waltz Astoria in Queens, NY with Augustine Fredrick on percussion...Feb. 2007

  • Tom's Motives 3 mvts. Live at GRH 20128:52
  • Tom's Primary Motives8:50

  • Cavatina, composed by Stanley Myers...Performed by Tom Guarino3:10

  • Attached (Jill's song)4:25

Treasure Island, Florida, 2009--just practicing!

Just practicing! Treasure Island, FL 2009

  • Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out3:04